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Rumble Status — Winners Announced!

The 2013 Rails Rumble was a huge success! Thank you to all of the teams and public judges that participated.

Please take some time to check out this year's winners, the prizes they've won, and the other excellent entries in this year's competition.

New to the Rails Rumble?

The Rails Rumble is a distributed programming competition where hundreds of teams of one to four people, from all over the world, have 48 hours to build an innovative web application, with Ruby on Rails, or another Rack-based Ruby web framework, along with other web technologies. Use Ruby for your entire stack, or just the backend.

After the 48 hours are up, everyone picks their favorites and the top ten winners are revealed!

For more details and answers to common questions, click here.

Be sure and follow @railsrumble and check out the #rails-rumble Slackline.

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