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Until - Online Events Calendar

Aspiring for easy and efficient event discovery

Please read:

Pivotal Tracker:

Mockup git repos:

Add events here:
And they will show up here:

This project is motivated by a grand vision in usability and discovery. This competition has afforded us the opportunity to get a proof of concept for our wireframes out the door.

We were unable to address everything we wanted, but we did get these things:

* Animation of two thirds of our event discovery mockup
* Implementation of one half of our application design
* Event harvesting to supplement user-generated content
* Feature enhancements to contribute back to fullcalendar

What we wish we had time for in this competition:

* Completion of events listing mockup for event searching, filtering, and discovery
* Anonymous and registered user-submitted event creation
* Etc.

Overall though we are happy with what we were able to get done in the little time we had away from our families this past 48 hours! We look forward to sticking with this project and turning it into a product!

DISCLAIMER: the app that you see at the end of this competition is not exactly what we are intending in the resultant product. We have turned on unintended features, such as event listings in the month and day views, to enable usability in a sparse demo environment. Once we're scraping and chronicling events from Craigslist and the known universe, you aren't going to want to see events UNTIL you've selected either now or a day and a time.

Built By Team "shebang"

Built With

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