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Filed in Food & Drinks.

One of the things that gives you Happiness & Physical Health,

Good Food!!

“FoodQ” is a Health Tracking application that helps people to find their favourite food recipes and track their calorie consumption.

It has a wide range of Recipe list .Recipes could be searched; for example Just a word Pizza could fetch a big list of pizzas of various sizes and flavors. Clicking on any of the recipe gives the entire know how of the recipe, steps for cooking and the Calorie hidden in them. New recipes are highlighted for giving the users freedom from boredom. Rating on the food makes it all the more easy to choose the light yet the tasty recipe.

Daily Food Planner is the core feature of this application. Users could add any of the recipes to the daily list. The planner will project the Daily calorie consumption and will also provide a weekly summary. This will be calculated from the foods chosen and their quantity of intake.

This will also indicate the Healthy calorie limit to be followed and the difference that is there with the actuals. This feature will help them plan a healthy Diet with the recipes of their choice.
Almost all the Weight Management Programs suggest keeping track of the food that we eat and the physical exercises we need to perform. The better we track our Food intake, the better we
lose weight. This application focuses on making this process easier and comfortable for a lay man.

Built By Team "RailsFactory-Rubicon"

Built With

Interested in seeing what was used to build this application? Resources may include things like open source libraries, third party APIs, and icons.

Rails-4, Ruby-2, Jquery, HTML-5,CSS-3, bootstrap, Mysql.
yummly API,delayed Job.

Rails-4, Ruby-2, Jquery, HTML-5,CSS-3, bootstrap, Mysql.
yummly API,delayed Job.

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