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Filed in Software as a Service.

ConfMan is a conference management tool for small or big organizations. It's especially good for conferences where speakers are expected to apply first and then they are evaluated by a committee and then accepted or rejected. ConfMan aims to ease this speaker application process.

Only a Few ConfMan Features:

- Create your conference
- Add organization(s) who arranges the event
- Add sponsor(s) if any
- Add separate and detailed schedule for every day of conference for every room that a speak will take place
- Your conference page is created automatically with all necessary part already filled
- Get speaker applications
- Discuss and evaluate speaker applications
- Committee members can vote and comment on applications
- Applications can be accepted or rejected and aplicants are informed via email

Built By Team "KodGemisi"

Built With

Interested in seeing what was used to build this application? Resources may include things like open source libraries, third party APIs, and icons.

Twitter Bootstrap 3
Modern Business Template (
Stylish Portfolio Template (

Twitter Bootstrap 3
Modern Business Template (
Stylish Portfolio Template (

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