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David Hahn


Currently a programmer masquerading as an ancient history buff. I'm a programming bear that hibernates at MSU.

Favorite Entries

  • #1

    Knowledge Wars by Mikamayhem

    Ever dreamed of epic battles, like good versus evil, day versus night? And why not Mickey Mouse vs Donal Duck or Santa Cl...
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  • #2

    Llama or Alpaca by Codeo Sweethearts

    Wool you know the difference?
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  • #3

    Scrapboard by Unicrons

    Scrapboard is a tool designed to make the inspiration process streamlined. Store images that inspire and have them instant...
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  • #4

    thedarksights by Zweitagebart

    Thedarksights enables users to explore famous filming locations on a map. The data is pulled from IMDb.
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  • #5

    RubyScore by Go Rails Go

    Get instant rating for any Ruby developer. Submit GitHub username and receive an A to F grade.
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  • #6

    Alpha Color by Alpha Team

    Alpha Color associates colors to emotions and generates statistics.
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  • #7

    LongTong by LongTong

    Get a LongTong!
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