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Kelli Shaver


Favorite Entries

  • #1

    BugHunter by Lightning Thunderbolts

    How many bugs can you find in 2 minutes?
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  • #2

    DPReader - Your djvu and pdf in a cloud by Semantic2

    DPReader allows you to store and read books in PDF and DJVU formats from different devices. You don’t need to remember t...
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  • #3

    Ambience by Blubberbutt Splishnsplash

    Ever been at a hair dresser or cafe and wished you could have a say in the music? Ambience makes it easy for venues to pla...
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  • #4

    Emojisaurus by Emojisaurus

    Emojisaurus helps you turn English phrases into emojigrams.
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  • #5

    RESTBot by RESTBot

    RESTBot is a mock HTTP server, which can be configured to pretend like any HTTP service. With RESTBot, you can defin...
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  • #6

    Meals/Feels by Kisko Disco

    Track what you eat and how you feel afterwards. Use this information to figure out what foods consistently cause problems ...
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  • #7

    SetDone by PerfectLine

    Give and get instant feedback on your design work As a designer you know how hard it is sometimes to get quality feedba...
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  • #8

    Codepipe by Conjectural Technologies

    Codepipe is a Development Transparency Tool. It provides developers, project managers, and all other stakeholders an easy ...
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  • #9

    CallerKey by The Guild of Calamitous Intent

    CallerKey is a voicemail analysis service that records, extracts and analyzes what your customers are saying. We provide k...
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  • #10

    PkgHub by Devil Kittens

    PkgHub is a SaaS platform that provides you with an easy to way host and manage your Ubuntu packages. We provide the abili...
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